the start of it all.

I should start at the beginning,I’ve been bi polar all my life.Thay say your born this way but I’m still thinking that one over,you see I had a rough upbringing to say the least and I really beleave that has something to do with it.Im know doctor but im liven with this and have for 43 years,I didn’t learn it from any book right?That being said I’ll dig a little deeper,sure I was bad when I was a kid I was off the wall mom had me to every kind of doctor you could think of but it was alway the same,he will out grow it or he just a bad kid.And as for my dad well he was a long hull truck driver and when he was around he thought I was his very own punching bag.So when I turned 12 they put me in a boy home.All Iknew was my parents didn’t want me any more so I thought at 12 any way.The boy home that was a big joke,you did everything there,school ,outings and after a while you got to go home for weekends.After there they sent me too a 2nd boys home this one was a lot harder,You see back when I was a kid they didn’t know much about bipolar,even today they still are learning about it, but it came a long way just in the last ten years alone.Any when I left there I found myself in a mental hospital,you would think buy now (someone)would have classified me bipolar by now.Truth be told I was 38 years old before anyone even said the word bipolar to me! Do you know what its like to go your whole life thinking your just a sick twisted freak,and one day they have a name for whats wrong with you! it was an answer to my pairs.Theres still a lot wholes I need to fill in but cant do it all in one day right? so chow for now…


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