Anxiety and the role it play in my life

Well so fare so good today,just a little anxiety hopefully it wont get to bad.To me that’s the worst part of my disorder the anxiety,when that starts it’s a snow ball effect.My mind starts to race hands get all sweaty my heart pounds. So I’ll take my meds and hope for the best right?…My sister had a small anxiety attack today she is also bipolar as well with a few other thing mixed in that’s what makes it so hard,having too in the same house with the same disorder.It can get pretty rough around here at times. My poor mom goes through hell some times.So the day rolls on and sit here typing my heart out hoping to inspirer someone some were with my words.Back  to my sister while she was having her anxiety attack she tells me she failed her math test at school yesterday,and makes me promise not to tell our mother boy is that a load to carry.But I’m glad see trust me and will come to me when something is bothering her.Well thats about it for now more to come so chow for now…


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