spinning round and round

It’s has been a bad weekend,so much has happened I feel like I’m spinning round and round.My little sisters meds are off so that sets the mood for the house,I don’t know how much more my mom can take?She broke down in my arms crying,I feel so helpless I want to make all this go away but I know that I can’t.I hate being bipolar what did I ever do to GOD for him to lay this curse on my family??…insed of lifting I need tobe lifted up I’m in a deep hole and need a light and rope lol.This blog is my only outlet the way only way I can gather my jumbled thoughts.I hope this is just a dip and not the beginning of a manic exposed,I don’t think I could take that right now!!!…To many thoughts to fast right now I just need to get a grip,Well I should get my glasses wed.it will be nice to see again lol.Well more later I’ll update sometime today so just keep an eye out chow for now…


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