tomI just can’t get a grip on this and as long as iv been bipolar and had this panic disorder you would think I would have a grip on it by now.Or is this the best that I can hope for?…I just don’t know any more if all the side-effect are worth the risks? I guess I’m just tired of all the dam PILL I have to take to get though the day.”It’s just not right.”I just want to live a normal life,is that too much to ask? I don’t think it is.My anxiity is so high I don’t know why,I’ve taken my meds. but it’s throw the roof, it’s like my skin is crawling with bugs I hate when I get like this.It’s all I can do to write this today,so It will be short and sweet but tomorrows another day right?” I hope a better one any way”…So in closing keep me in your thought and try to have a blessed day,Chow for now


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