over the hump

I”v had a pretty bad week,but things are starting to turning around thank God.You see some how I ran out of my anxiety meds. I still haven’t figured out how I did that ,but I did some how.It’s been rough with out it to but I was able to make it one day at a time,more like one panic attack at a time(LOL) I’m feeling pretty good to-day I hope I stay this way I need a break so does my family.It’s amazing how one pill can upset your whole balance I take my hat off to those that live with bipolar with out meds. I can’t even begin to consider what my life would be like with out the med to balance me out,but if it works for you that good I don’t see how but I’m no doctor right. Away I hope every one has a great day I’m shore going to try and have one so until next time chow.


One Response to over the hump

  1. william wallace says:

    What all need is a source that we can tap into
    that keeps us on a straight road..no humps no
    bumbs… that source is awways with us.. as is
    always been with us, its but we lose focus of it.

    When lose focus of our own being the spiritual
    then it can be a dire world..anxiety depression
    panic attacks…but tale over ones life thus one
    can stop one living a active material life..as the
    illness takes over more and more and more….
    because having reached a stage …there be no
    friends, there be no invitations there’s just you
    as your illness, till becoming you are the illness,
    the illness in has become you. Thus not only
    moved into your life it has taken over your life.

    The problem gets worse in going to the doctor
    where he/she to get rid of you is going to hand
    out pills..pills in the main that make not a jot of
    difference unto ones health ..in truth many are
    causing short / long term / severe problems..

    One having to take pills for the damage done
    by pills/pills which in first place were of no use,
    but only a means of that which the doctor in
    getting rid of you…The doctors in knowing the
    pills be but junk..if the pills worked then people
    would get cured THEY DON’T.. In truth the…
    doctor could give people just plain sugar sweets
    and tell them this is the latest pill on the market
    its worked wonders for others..I wish you to try
    it…the result of people taking such pill. Within a
    few days they would be contacting the doctor in
    saying.. I have never felt so great ..due to my
    new pills. Where the reality, their good being not
    due to pills, but their new positive state of mind.

    Of course not all medication is bad such attitude
    would be halfbaked, however many medications
    are just plain worthless..yet it continues where a
    doctor having no choice but in handing out pills, it
    giving sick, something to hold, giving some hope.

    Then of course the drug industry, the pills used to
    deal with mental illness alone..earns them a yearly
    turnover of $billions..where over past few decades
    they even started to target children, where normal
    highly active children being diagnosed as having an
    form of mental illness, thus but put on medication
    where they are given therapy, thus 5yr olds 6yr
    olds 7yr olds are told the must start act as adults.

    Another such large problem pitfall for humanity be
    religions, they having been turned into a worldwide
    industry..with yearly turnovers of $billions..they in
    promising entry to a fictional heaven.. none if any
    ever return in claiming a refund… thus the religious
    organizations continue as they please, deluding as
    abusing very vulnerable people… many of whom
    vivtims of religious brainwashing starting young as
    3yrs 4yrs 5yrs by 12yrs the damage done to their
    developing brains being so great that their ability in
    in independent thought is very severely curtailed..
    many go on to be victims of depression/ pill taking.

    One truly needs ignite spiritual awareness / their
    spiritual focus awakened.. thus have an brain that
    again growing in spiritual understanding, an heart
    again opening to the joys of life, beauty of nature.

    In todays world there such a individual whom in
    giving their ilife in raising the individuals spiritual..
    understanding / experience. On PC search put
    prem rawat foundation / when search showing
    click on site/ where find videos of ..prem rawat
    speaking at depth upon spiritual experience as
    spiritual understanding…this bringing the focus
    back on the essence of ones being, their love
    rather than bogged down in material, where in
    holding a bottle of pills and a growing headache.

    Prem Rawat does not give anything but gets
    a individual back on focus / reality, the joy of
    that brought with every breath, an abndance
    of love within the heart, one having lost focus
    thus again in gaining focus of life as meant be
    in each day an day of song an day to rejoice.

    PS. also find videos.. prem rawat.. on youtube
    however… longer as more choice videos to be
    found on the.. prem rawat foundation..site….

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