June 21 2010

well it’s 10:40 pm. and I’m still going strong I’ve been up since 4 am.,don’t think there will be much sleep to night.Thank god for the internet or I’d be lost without it. so what to do is the question,cause it’s going tobe a long night.I guess I could write if you’s want to listen cause lord knows I’ve got a lot to say when I’m like this.But I don’t seem to get to many hits on my blog,I guess its cause I’m all over the place but I can’t help that you see my mind jumps all over the place on me and for that I apologies.I’m new to blogging but you probably guessed that by now so any pointers any one is willing to give I’m willing to accept them I’d like to see this blog take off a little bite.I’ve read a lot of the other blogs on bipolar and there all very good,I guess I need to open up more about my self, but that’s a hard thing to do to put all dirty lander out there for every one to see. but hell we all have some right? or we wouldn’t be blogging about it. Well I’v kept you long enuf  so cow for now and thanks for reading my blog all feed back is welcome


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