trying to hold on!

I think I’m going into a manic stage now,I mean it’s not all that bad at first just a little hard to focus on one thing with a million things running throw you mind at once.And the fact that you don’t get much sleep and can talk for hours about mingles things ,but other than that it’s not to bad you have all the energy you could ever want that’s for sure,It’s like I could concur the world all by myself if you now what I mean ? I went to see about getting into counseling to-day,now I just have to waite for them to call and set it all up.”no  telling how long I’ll have to wait “.Any I hope all dad’s out there had a good fathers day? Me well I haven’t seen my kid in about 8yrs. so I just sat at the house and played on the computer all day.well thats about all for now’I’v got to go do my video on you tube if you get a chance come check it out just go to you tube and type in tomrayer28 and that will take you to my video blog on bipolar so chow for now thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


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