A Sad Day

Well me and my mother got into a fight over my sister who is Bipolar and has borderline Personality disorder I understand it’s hard to deal with two family members who have the same mental heath problems,”But to tell them your sick of them and there problems is just wrong!”I never thought I would here words like that come from my mother??? I don’t know what to do now,I feel so unwanted like a thorn in her side,maybe I should just leave I don’t know my head is spinning  right now.I mean does she think we like being the way we are or can even help it at times?It’s no walk in the park for us either one min.your up the next your down then you might go sideways for a while it’s no joke that’s for sure,but I don’t think mom truly understands.I don’t think any one can unless you live with it. well chow for now again thank’s for your time,enjoy your sunday.


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