Well I went to the Doctor’s this morning everything came out ok ,So that’s all done.It’s been all good for me since DR.Mohamed increced  my med.’s to 800MG. of topamax,life couldn’t be better! Ya it took three months to get the MG.’s right but a least DR.Mohamed was welling to put the time in to get it right,not like some of these doctors I’ve had in the past”IF YOU CAN CALL THE DOCTORS !”they wouldn’t give you the right time of day let a lone find you the right dose of meds to take. So I should  be more up beat in my blog for a good while till the next rabbit hole comes along “LOL” cause one thing you can count on with Bipolar is up’s and down’s your whole life is a rollercoaster ride that’s for shore.You just take as many good days as you can get and hang on to them so when the bad days roll around they will hopefully pull you throw.Well I’v keep you to long as it is so till tomorrow chow my friends.


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