the week end is here!

Well I made it throw this week and it was no cake walk that’s for sure it started out really bad for me, I was manic as hell.for thouse of you that don’t know manic is well is like being on speed or something like that I guess your mind is going really fast ,you can’t sleep you talk real fast all kinds of things are happening to your mind and body’s  chemicals,that why I’m on all these meds. to balance them out.So any way  the Doctor got me all fixed up by mid-week and it’s been smooth sailing,now mom me and my little sister are getting ready for the 4th. of July.The fire work’s should be a nice treat for all of us to go and see to gether  I hope every one has a good time this year! I think we might be going to the moves to-day but I’m not sure I’ll let you know latter,if we go Ill up date with a report on what I went and saw so till then chow for now hope every one enjoys there 4 of July week end!:)


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