just don’t know?

Well I got an e-mail from my little girl the other day well she’s not that little any more shy is 21 now and I haven’t seen or heard from her sence she was 12 years old.It has me pretty keyed up I don’t know what I’m in for? I wrote her back now I just have too waite and see and I’m not good at that! regret all that I’ve missed in her life! I wish I could do it over again I would do it different that’s for sure!All I can do now is hope,hope that she will forgive me and let me be in her life now some small way.Maybe It’s too much to ask for I don’t know we will see right???…There’s not a day that go’s buy that I don’t think about her sometime throw the day what is she like,what’ her favorite food,what kind of music does she listen to ? I could go on and on.Hell she might want to tell me what a no good sob I’ve bin and she’d be right even thow I’m Bipolar and all the rest that go’s with it I should have been a better father to her and I can’t take that back.Well I’m done beating myself up better leave some for her”LOL”so chow for now hope everyone has a blessed day and enjoy your coffee this morning :/


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