Album: my fav picture’s

July 11, 2010


Check out custom-twilight 40

July 6, 2010


I want you to take a look at : custom-twilight 40

Portales: beginners Spanish

July 4, 2010

Portales: beginners Spanish.

life is good(at least for today LOL)

May 28, 2010

Well it’s friday,some how I made it thought anther week.Its going to rain all dam weekend,I hate the rain it makes me hurt.Boy Igot lucky this morning I went outside to smoke and took a good picture of a rabbit,I’ll post it at the end so y’all can see.My sister and her new boyfriend are supposed to go to the beach but I think the rain going to wash them out (lol).Me I’ll be right here on my computer as I always am.Well I’ll close for now,hope y’all have a good weekend.





hump Days gone!

May 27, 2010

Dame the weekend is coming up fast HELL YA! Not a lot going on today  just kicking back going to watch (NEW MOON).

it’s a damn good movie,I”v seen it one time before dam good too.Got to go to the doctors on the 4th of june I need glasses can hardly see my keybord.just to update you my sister didn’t do to good on that test turns out the dam course is a (6)week cram course!They didn’t bother to tell her when she took the dam thing!ASSHOLES!Well thats it for now so chow YA”LL

a new day

May 25, 2010

well its 7:22 AM and already its hot as hell out!I hate this time if the year.i give me the cold any time.I had to upload this picture hope it makes you smile it did me,well that’s all for now talk too ya later.

Life’s little gliches

May 24, 2010

just a fue lines to get us started, so i can get too know you better. well its been a long day,but a good finished the dress that shes bin making,thats good i guss,right?My sister has big test coming up shes all spstic and shit i hope she dose good.Well ill close for now and talk at ya’ll later.